Servers terms

  1. Nashirnet guarantees a continuous Internet connection for the servers in the datacenter excepting disconnections caused by client unexpected behavior or the general situations outside the datacenter scope. Also excepting the disconnections made for the maintenance and upgrade procedures which will be informed to the clients in advanced. The server considered connected if its replies to the ping command no matter of the server OS or application status.
  2. Nashirnet guarantees a continuous power source for the servers , expecting the power disconnection caused by the client unexpected behavior .
  3. Nashirnet guarantees the replacement of the server parts within tow hours after the client notification through opening a support ticket for the technical support Dept. . The replacement time excluding installation of softwares or operating system on the server.
  4. All IP addresses given with the dedicated server services belongs to Nashirnet , and it's nontransferable or selling , and any using of unassigned IP address by the client is contrary of the terms and conditions.
  5. Laws and Regulations in Saudi Arabia prevent the hosting of VPN servers.